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 Computer Support for Older People

How we can help you ...
  • Training

    Training is tailored to your needs and is designed to be fun, with no fees or commitment to regular attendance.

  • Home support

    Confused by broadband? Got a computer with lots of cables? Trying to connect to Broadband?

    We'll come round and sort things out

  • Online support

    We can fix your computer over the Internet. Saves travel, time and the environment.

  • Computer updates

    We can help you upgrade your computer - save hundreds of pounds by making it go faster and last longer

  • Computer recycling

    If you donate a computer or laptop to us because you have bought a newer model we will upgrade it where possible and sell it at cost to someone who cannot afford a new one. We can sometimes build one computer out of two or more - we are licensed to recyle the old parts.

Find help now ...
2 Crediton Road
EX20 1LU

Tel: 01837 55838

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Centre hours:
Mon, Wed and Fri
10 am to 12 pm